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In homage to his home state of North Dakota, Luke’s 'Dakota Irish' brand of custom wood gaming products are the first items he is sharing with the community.  Our handcrafted Irish hardwood dice trays are the first in our Dakota-Irish line of products and we firmly believe you'll love them. We use only the highest quality materials, locally sourced, and custom created specifically to your requirements, tastes, and budget.

Inspired by Luke's love of role playing games, coupled with his passion for woodworking and the fact that his studio is in the ‘Garden of Ireland’, his handcrafted dice trays seek to inspire a sense of warmth and wonderment. The colors contrast in ways that accentuate and augment the natural grains and colors of each wood, while the joinery & expert craftsmanship ensure each tray is durable and strong, lasting long enough to be handed down to future gamers. The tray's high walls help protect your dice from bouncing out from particularly vigorous throws. We finish each tray with two coats of shellac, followed by fine polishing which brings out the beauty and natural sheen of the wood while also protecting it.  

We love how the dice trays have come out and look forward to offering further woods and designs in the future, as well as other wood products like dice chests, towers, DM screens, etc.

Very soon we will also offer other TRPG gaming supplies such as; miniatures, dice, dice accessories, and accouterments. We will also offer anime merchandise, books, clothing, toys, and unique gifts. We can't wait for you to see all the ideas and products we have in store, so please LIKE us on Facebook, favorite our store on Etsy, and follow us on Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest for updates, new products, and other interesting content.

  • Mahogany
    Mahogany At play with kelly green felt lining
  • Mahogany
    Mahogany Measurements with kelly green felt lining
  • Purpleheart
    Purpleheart At play with dark purple felt lining
  • Purpleheart
    Purpleheart With purple felt lining
  • Purpleheart
    Purpleheart measurements with dark purple felt lining
  • Purpleheart
    Purpleheart with brown leather lining
  • Zebrawood
    Zebrawood At play with brown leather lining & dice
  • Zebrawood
    Zebrawood Empty with brown leather lining
  • Zebrawood
    Zebrawood Measurements with brown leather lining
  • Zebrawood
    Zebrawood White leather lining
  • Zebrawood
    Zebrawood with black felt lining
  • Mahogany, Purpleheart, & Zebrawood
    Mahogany, Purpleheart, & Zebrawood With kelly green felt, dark purple felt, and brown leather linings
  • Black Walnut
    Black Walnut The eye-catching black walnut dice tray has a coffee complexion that will make your buddies jealous.
  • Spalted Beech
    Spalted Beech Every one of our stunning spalted beech dice tray are completely unique. Be the envy of your table!
  • Cherry
    Cherry with cream leather lining
  • Sycamore
    Sycamore with kelly green felt lining

Key Features of our dice trays include;

  • Convenient side-slot for spare dice, miniatures, or spell cards,
  • High walls so your dice don't bounce out of your tray,
  • High-quality fabric linings, meaning your dice roll more consistently with less bouncing or wandering,
  • Selection of fabrics to customize your tray to suit your budget & tastes,
  • Only natural materials used throughout,
  • Certificate of Authenticity (where applicable) assuring the wood is authenticate Irish stock,
  • Dimensions: ~27x21x5cm
  • Weight: ~.450 kg or 1lb



About Us

Nerds & Geeks is the web's newest e-commerce site, dedicated to providing you with the highest quality merchandise at affordable prices, with fast delivery and exceptional customer service. It is the brainchild of Luke McIntosh, formerly of 'Small Town' USA who moved to Ireland 10 years ago in a bid to appease his lady wife & take hold of the Celtic Tiger before it croaked. Sequestered in the Irish countryside, Luke has combined his love of all things ‘nerdy’ and his epic skills in woodworking to custom create wood products & TRPG accessories for this glorious tribe calling ourselves nerds & geeks.  He also did it for his lay-about, scoundrel D&D pals.  But mainly for you guys.

Luke also recognized the lack of availability and suppliers of these and other geeky products in Ireland and the UK, so he started Nerds & Geeks in the vainglorious hopes that it will become your one-stop shop for all the things we love, like sci-fi, fantasy, TRPGs, anime, or for whatever your heart yearns.   We are setting up Nerds and Geeks from the heart and we hope you’ll enjoy our initial foray into the retail side of things.

About Luke

Luke works from his studio in Co. Wicklow Ireland along with a Bernese Mountain dog named Whiskey who thinks he’s a person and counts chewing up 20 euro notes among his many eating habits, a cat that’s always pretty pissed off, three kids, an amazingwife.com and 2 other pups who the Bernese pretty much thinks he owns.  Because he’s freaking huge.

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