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This handcrafted dice tower is made from beautiful African Padauk and features a unique and flexible design that allows it to fit into the side slot of any Dakota Irish dice tray. The tumbling pattern inside ensures a fair roll every time, and 3 coats of natural shellac protect your tower from damage and wear - meaning you can use it to roll metal dice! The dice tower even holds one 7 dice poly set in it's base - everything you need for a gaming session in one easy to transport tray!

Padauk comes from Africa and is noted for it's beautiful luster and open pore pitting in the woodend grain. When freshly cut the wood has a bright orange or red hue, but over time this darkens to a chocolate or deep burgundy red color.


- Fits into all full tray models past and present
- Looks amazing and fits perfectly into the side slow of your Dakota Irish dice tray
- You can roll metal dice without damaging it
- A strong shellac finish which protects and nourishes the wood
- Base of the tower fits 1 set of polyhedral dice
- Tumbling pattern inside ensures fair, consistent rolls every time


- Tower: ~19.5x4.5cmx4.5cm
- Opening: 4.5cm
- Weight: ~100-150g

Shipping Information:

Please allow 3-5 days to craft your tower. Flat rate shipping on all handcrafted items.

- Ireland/UK (1-3 days) = €5
- International (4-7 days) = €6.50

Registered Mail & Courier options available

NOTE: Any cards, counters, dice, accessories and models shown in photo not included with purchase. Also please understand that while the photos give you an idea of what to expect, each item is a natural product and will vary slightly in appearance from the photos with regard to grain and coloration, ensuring that your piece will be a unique piece of art.

Padauk dice tower - for dungeons and dragons, pathfinder, or rpg - dice roller for a dnd dungeon master or Critical Role fan

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